What Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Taught us about Successful PR Strategy

Charleston Public Relations Charleston PR Girl Victoria Rae Moore

This is it, your ticket to the perfect public relations strategy. Here’s the truth: there is no perfect public relations strategy. But I was watching the original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with my younger brothers recently and there was PR written all over it. Here are my takeaways:


1. Be good. Even when you think no one is looking.

  • Remember how Charlie’s curiosity about fizzy lifting drinks almost cost him the prize of all prizes? When clients want to know the best way to build a strong, positive reputation, the answer is simple. Do good work. Be authentic. Don’t try to cut corners.


2. Don’t. Tell. Secrets. 

  • It was Charlie’s honesty that saved him. He knew what happened in the factory, stayed in the factory, no matter how much he was being offered in bribe money. PR clients trust us the way they do lawyers. To best represent them we have to know every single detail; the good, bad and ugly. It’s our job to know issues, resolve them, plan public statements and avoid future related issues.


3. Contests and exclusivity. 

  • A limited number of prizes and special access lead to many many chocolate bar sales. People like incentives. People like being one of the select few. Brands like engagement. So when you’re running instagram contests, make sure the prize is something you’d want for yourself or someone you love so people will want to win and winners will want to share #humblebrag #blessed


4. People who love sweets REALLY love sweets.

  • Duh.


Victoria Rae Moore

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