Welcome to Victoria’s Column

Some years ago I looked into the sky and saw three stars in perfect alignment. At the time I knew even less of astrology and astronomy than I do now so I took it upon myself to name the three stars “Victoria’s Column.”


I went off to college, returned home after graduation and all the while Victoria’s Column was almost always visible no matter where I went or how much time passed.


I began showing these stars to my friends. Explaining how happy I was to have spotted and named them and how magical it felt that after all these years, Victoria’s Column was still around.


Well eventually I encountered a friend who told me those three aligned stars were in fact already discovered and named as part of Orion’s Belt. Who knew?


So now Victoria’s Column will take a new form as a blog and creative outlet for me, Charleston’s PR Girl, to continue developing and refining my voice while hopefully finding ways to inspire, encourage and uplift others.


I am a thinker and a seeker and sometimes a teacher, too, so don’t be surprised if my writing gets a little heavy from time to time.


Thanks for joining me on the journey.


Signing out,


Victoria Rae Moore

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