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Tip: develop strategies for reducing self-doubt. For example, train yourself to recognize every time your inner voice says something negative. Balance it out by focusing on your breath and redirecting your attention to a positive thought. For me, it helps to think of something for...

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Are You Ready for Self-Employment?

Recently someone asked me the question, "How did you know when it was time to take the leap into solo-preneurship?" After replying to her email I realized this could be good for others considering the leap, as well.   First let me say I don't believe there...

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Let’s Get Visual

For a possibility to actualize, we must first believe the possibility CAN actualize. That’s what they mean when they say, “It starts with a vision.”   I’ve been decluttering for the past few weeks and in the process I discovered a sheet of 24’’ x 36” heavy...

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Hello, 2017

Okay, I’m going to write one of those end-of-the-year, new-year-new-me, reflective posts we all love so much.   I always spend the last few months of any given year reflecting and preparing for the one coming next.   We all know how fast time has flown, right? I mean...

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Welcome to Victoria’s Column

Some years ago I looked into the sky and saw three stars in perfect alignment. At the time I knew even less of astrology and astronomy than I do now so I took it upon myself to name the three stars "Victoria's Column."   I went off...

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