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For a possibility to actualize, we must first believe the possibility CAN actualize. That’s what they mean when they say, “It starts with a vision.”


I’ve been decluttering for the past few weeks and in the process I discovered a sheet of 24’’ x 36” heavy stock poster board, a pair of scissors and a pile of dated magazines. Cue inspiration.


If you have never made a vision board in real life let me tell you I am a huge advocate. If for no other reason, it’s a relaxing and constructive form of downtime. And its super easy. Just cut out words and images that make you feel happy, hopeful and excited; then paste them to your poster board. Easy.


My board has words like “alive,” “fine art,” and “wonderland” alongside images of green apples, flowy skirts and wide leg denim.


I have been working on this board for a series of days and am amazed seeing my interests and desires staring up at me.


The first time I remember understanding the power of visualization was one college evening while watching “The Secret.” Yes I watched it before I read it and I reccommed you do whichever one is easiest and most fun for you, should you happen to have the chance.


It basically says, “what you think, you become.” Think positive. Look at what you have, not what you don’t. Know the desires of your heart so you can recognize them coming into your life.


Of course, visualization is nothing without work. Planning and execution are essential. Allow the words and images to motivate and inspire you.


It’s so simple but I attribute much of my life to a healthy imagination, faith and fearlessness. It’s not that I never feel afraid, but I do my best not to make decisions based on that emotion.


A wise woman once told me, “You have to be fearless.”


So I pass that on to you, reader. Let your heart go to its most vulnerable places. Think about the things you want. Believe that you can have them—they aren’t just fantasy. Don’t feel silly or embarrassed. If you want to go to college it can happen. If you want to see Africa and Taiwan, it can happen. If you want to have dinner with a world leader or be on television, it can happen. But you have to be able to imagine it first. Then you have to plan. Then act. Then you have to be able to visualize, plan and act, simultaneously. Trust me, you can do it.



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Happy dreaming,


Victoria Rae Moore



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