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July Updates

- SMADCON Social Media All Day Conference is July 19-20 [TICKET BADGES ARE STILL AVAILABLE at WWW.SMADCON.COM/TICKETS¬†] (save $$ with promo code: "victoria")¬†   - My [birthday] is Sunday, July 8¬†   - JA is [running for office]  ...

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Having a Bad Day?

As entrepreneurs, millennials, girl bosses and future leaders, we can expect some days to be harder than others. We will make mistakes. Plans will fail and unexpected circumstances will arise. But you know what they say, "It's not what happens, it's how you respond."   This week...

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Lifestyle tip of the day: "Stay ready so you don't have to get ready" Preparation is major key when it comes to achieving personal, professional or lifestyle goals. Maybe I'll make a YouTube video about this. Also, stay tuned for my thoughts on setting and achieving...

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lifestyle pr firm charleston sc Victoria Rae Moore Charleston Public Relations Advice

Tip: develop strategies for reducing self-doubt. For example, train yourself to recognize every time your inner voice says something negative. Balance it out by focusing on your breath and redirecting your attention to a positive thought. For me, it helps to think of something for...

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Note from the Editor – Bio

I am an old soul with a young heart. I love exchanging ideas and bringing them to life. I love experiencing different forms of art and culture, building relationships with passionate people, encouraging them to develop their gifts and finding ways to help cultivate them....

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Victoria Rae Moore Charleston PR Girl Charleston Public Relations Firm Lifestyle Boutique Public Relations Victoria Rae Public Relations

I am not a blogger, I am a journalist and writer. So how do I feel about sponsored posts? Well, I understand. But I will only ever write my truth. I promise. And, legally of course, I have to disclose. So what is a sponsorship?...

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Are You Ready for Self-Employment?

Recently someone asked me the question, "How did you know when it was time to take the leap into solo-preneurship?" After replying to her email I realized this could be good for others considering the leap, as well.   First let me say I don't believe there...

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