Ideas: The Importance of a Strong Follow-Through

A good idea is nothing without proactivity. At this point in the start-up process I feel drawn to young, creative minds more than ever. I think I bore my friends sometimes with all my business talk, but I believe a little thought-provoking encouragement goes a long way.

I started really thinking about running my own company while in my freshman year of college. While the idea has evolved some since conception, the same thoughts are what brought me to this point; starting my career as an independent public relations practitioner.

My mother told me the moment of inspiration is the moment to take action. Whether it’s starting a business, writing music, designing clothes or whatever your niche may be, recognize the visions you have are ONLY yours so the only one who can manifest them is YOU.

Believe in your purpose.Β Public relations is not an easy industry to break into so I understand opposing odds. I received a tweet that compared becoming a PR girl to trying to be an actress in Hollywood. The message is clear, but I’m looking forward to the work because I love it. Don’t be discouraged if your idea seems like a one-in-a-million chance … one is all you need.

It only takes a first step. If you have an idea, take the time to think about possible starting points; which ever you choose is the right one. I found with most ideas the easiest thing to do first is research. Has anyone done something similar? If so, what were their strategies? If not, protect your idea!

Don’t underestimate the power of collaboration. More than likely your network is full of other young entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to develop their crafts. I love a good brainstorm-sesh with my friends (who also happen to be prospective clients and business partners). Everyone in my circle brings something to the table.

We are all future-world-changers. Nurture your ideas. Care for them; believe in them; give them a chance.

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